Be a Beekeeper for a day - 2 Nights

Join your friends or family and come for 2 or 3 nights (2/3 night package option) learn how to make honey and notice the world of bees and what they do so good that is Honey. Casa Fontes, located in the village of Pedras Salgadas where they make one of the most popular fairs in the county that is the "Fair of Honey", together with the Apothecary Beekeeping created a unique package for you to perceive the World of Bees (minimum group of 10 persons and subject to 7 days' notice).

2 Nights Accommodation in Casa Fontes

• Casa Fontes | Double room with breakfast included and lunch (only on the first day) and dinner (€ 148 per person - children up to 12 years old with 50% discount)
• Free "Casa Fontes" APP

Activities Included:

• Access to the Pedras Salgadas Museum
• Beekeeping
• Horseback Riding

1st day:

• Beekeeping activity
• Horseback Riding (subject to
• Lunch (Honey soup, Cabbage watered with Honey or Costeletão watered with Honey. Drinks not included) and Dinner (drinks not included)

2nd Day:

• Visit to the Pedras Salgadas Museum



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