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Discover the Natural Beauty of Portugal

Village of Pedras Salgadas

Besides its sublime beauty and natural landscapes, the town of Pedras have one of the main tourist destinations in Portugal, known worldwide for its therapeutic waters. 

The office of Pedras Salgadas owns a won

derful park that provides visitors with a indescribable pleasure. Here are some sources of the crowds, the old ho

tels and even the casino, which retain elements of architecture and decoration of the early twentieth century. In add
ition to the thermal park, our village still offers a significant relationship monuments 

outside the park that will certainly help to make your stay more attractive. Be sure, therefore, to visit the Church of St. Martin, the Chapel of St. Gerard, the Castro Rebordochão.

To complete this scenario, do not let go of some of the largest existing quarries in Portugal, which give this area the title of "Capital of Granite", and other tourist attractions of historical and cultural character.

Municipality of Vila Real

Meet Vila Pouca de Aguiar presupposes the perspective of those who visit us, the ability to absorb the essences, flavors and ancient traditions. The rich religious, cultural, gastronomic and rural heritage of the region are some of the ingredients that the county has to offer.







 Water (crystalline and pure) and stone (hard, blue and yellow)   are two inseparable elements of the natural wealth that       embellishes and sets Sabrosa.

Flanked by the mountains of Alvão and Padrela, Vila Pouca de Aguiar knows compensate with stunning scenery of the valleys Aguiar lover of nature.

Our ancient ancestors attest to the wealth of this land, with the heritage legacy of global importance, as are the ancient Roman gold mines in the Roman Empire.

It also adds one of the most diversified and differentiated gastronomic heritages that await you, to you in particular, so you can enjoy the traditional cuisine, particularly the kid saw, maronesa veal, chestnuts or mushrooms.




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