Pieces of our history

In January 1937 it was built Pension Batista, whose owner was José Manuel Batista. This new board in Pedras Salgadas was "constructed" by Eng M.J Canela, in the twentieth century, and the main customers of this board were African, Brazilian and Portuguese tourists visiting this region of Portugal, mainly to take advantage of the spa.

In 1969, 32 years after the construction of Pension Batista, this was sold to the couple Maria Luisa Rodrigues Vital and Domingos Augusto Fontes, going to be called, since Fontes Pension.

Although customers reside in the establishment, Pension Fontes have also created the children and grandchildren of the couple by that family aspect and the proximity service have always been very particular characteristics and inherent in space.

The services that this board disponibilizava the public were overnight stays and catering. The board supplies became especially known for its rich and delicious lunches and dinners, very appreciated not only by residents on earth as well, by visitors. Humble pension and no luxuries welcomed all customers regardless of their social class, with delicious sympathy for what remained a good family environment, including customers, owners, employees, neighbors and friends.

In addition to the spa, many sought the Pension Fontes on the day of equestrian competitions held in the Roman or to support the accommodation of participants in the Tour of Portugal by bike.
And they went many times to the Pension Fontes helped make it even more special: weddings, baptisms, family gatherings and friends, finally, pieces of life.

The May 31, 2010 the Fontes Pension was closed for works for a period of two years, in order to improve and ensure better conditions for their clients for all those who had followed the route Supplies Board until then, well how to attract new visitors and customers to these parts.

Doors Fontes Pension reopened the August 5, 2012, with new management was Mrs Vital Fontes and João Francisco Fontes Pereira, daughter and grandson of former owners Maria Luisa and Domingos Augusto.

Was born, so the Casa Fontes, a new space within another full of memories, moments of longing, with the great purpose of continuing a family project and most important, but with a more modern and current slope . All this in order to continue to provide pleasant and memorable experiences more convenient and comfortable. Old, made up again and the dream continued to grow.

The original design Fontes Pension was maintained, and the red color of the doors and windows that open, warmly, to receive those who pass and those arriving. But the interior was completely rebuilt, resulting in spaces where you can breathe modernity, even if combined with typical and traditional that the current owners insist fortunately not to leave off.

12 rooms, one room and bar snacks, recreation room with fireplace, Esplanade and the added value to position itself as a BIKOTEL, even though the second housing unit of Tras-os-Montes region with a digital tourist guide through which, guests can follow the walking routes and mountain biking in GPS, with departure and arrival in the Casa Fontes.

This is the Casa Fontes, our house and your house.
Come and meet us! We are here for you and for you!

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